Mad God is an acid trip from hell and it’s brilliant.

A figure known as “The Assasin” as descends from the heavens into a nightmarish pit full of monsters, titans and cruelty.

Mad God is Phill Tippett’s passion project that he’s wanted to make for years, Tippett has done a ton of visual effects work for countless recognizable films such as A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, The Robocop movies, Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom, the Twilight movies (New Moon and above) and much more. The wait for his film was absolutely worth it, Mad God an almost narrativeless film that has the motions of the characters, actions and visuals do all the talking. The best way to describe Mad God is that it’s a beautifully crafted nightmare that also feels like an acid trip from hell, it’s a very gnarly film that has beautiful animation that is used in such a unique way. If I had to guess of a theme or a narrative this film is going for it’s how civilizations can easily crumble, inventions made by the civilians are used against them by their god. There’s also this huge picture which depicts what a living hell would actually look like in the worst ways possible. The stop-motion animation combined with it’s themes and atmosphere truly make this a one of a kind experience, it’s a terrifying one that quickly gets under your skin but is all the more worth it. Go into this one knowing as little as possible!

Mad God is available on Shudder!

10/10 A+

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