Most Anticipated Films Of June 2022!

We are now at the halfway point of 2022 and so far it’s been a pretty strong year for film and June looks like it will continue to deliver hits! Before we get into the list here are some movies that I have already seen that I highly recommend checking out!

Sewer Gators – June 3rd (VOD Platforms) I did a review for this one a few days ago, sure it might not be a good movie but it’s such a hilariously bad movie that I can’t help include it.

Poser – June 3rd (Theaters)

Watcher – June 3rd (Theaters) and June 21st (VOD Platforms)

Pleasure – June 7th (VOD Platforms)

Cha Cha Real Smooth – June 17th (Apple TV+)

Slash/Back – June 24th (VOD Platforms)

Now here’s the list!

13. Unhuman – June 3rd (VOD Platforms)

12. Flux Gourmet – June 24th (VOD Platforms)

11. Dashcam – June 3rd (VOD Platforms)

10. Official Competition – June 17th (Theaters)

9. Good Luck to you, Leo Grande – June 17th (Hulu)

8. Lightyear – June 17th (Theaters)

7. Elvis – June 24th (Theaters)

6. Happening – June 21st (VOD)

5. Mad God – June 16th (Shudder)

4. The Black Phone – June 24th (Theaters)

3. Dinner In America – June 7th (VOD)

2. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On – June 24th (Theaters)

1. Crimes Of The Future – June 3rd (limited Theaters) and June 10th (Wide Theater release)

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