Marmaduke (2022) wouldn’t be worth it if it was in the $5 bin at Walmart.

Messy and mischievous Marmaduke teams up with a legendary dog trainer to prove that he is the first Great Dane worthy of winning a trophy at the Westminster Champion Contest, a prestigious dog show.

Marmaduke is just truly baffling in the absolute worst ways I could ever think of, for starters I know this is a cliched question to ask but I feel it’s absolutely necessary here….who asked for this? Marmaduke is a comic strip which began from June 1954 to 2015, there was a live action movie in 2010 that was terrible and most people forgot it even happen. Out of nowhere (I believe last month) it was announced Pete Davidson would be voicing Marmaduke in an animated film after that there was silence until the movie was released. Marmaduke (2022) makes Marmaduke (2010) look like a masterpiece, for starters the animation is some of the worst I have ever seen. This is truly something that you would expect out of a straight to DVD animated movie in the $5 bin from Walmart or one of those Pixar rip-off movies like What’s Up or Ratatoing, but nope this was released by Netflix which makes this just more baffling, the characters and voice acting are horrendous how they got Pete Davidson, J.K. Simmons and David Koechner to do this I have no idea. The writing is a complete and total embarrassment there isn’t one piece of dialogue here that worked, everything is either painful to listen to, cliched, or fart jokes that are so painfully unfunny to the point where they are just gross. The characters are about as dull as you can get, I kind of liked Guy (Brian Hull) however he wasn’t enough to save the movie. He was pretty much absent towards the end of the movie so it really didn’t matter. Overall Marmaduke is one of the worst movies Netflix has ever released, this is what I think when I hear the phrase “graphic design is my passion” well in this case “animation is my passion” either way this was horrendous and should be avoided at all costs.

Marmaduke is available on Netflix.

Disgrace To Cinema F


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