Barbarians is half a good movie.

Four friends come together for a celebratory dinner party at a country house. However, as the night progresses, dark secrets emerge and unsettling events begin to unfold around them.

Barbarians has an intriguing premise that unfortunately doesn’t live up to what it’s building up and is your traditional home invasion movie, it takes elements from Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation but fails to make those elements work. The acting is at least decent and actually a bit better than a lot of other home invasion films, plus the atmosphere and setting work well together. The first half of the movie is an awkward dinner between friends and then the home invasion parts kicking in with the last half, which unfortunately is what holds the movie back. The home invasion parts are very generic and almost feel out of place, the awkward dinner felt a lot more grounded and was far more investing. It feels like nobody could agree on what they wanted this movie to be so they just decided to combine two movies into one, which is unfortunate because this could have been a solid movie.

Barbarians is available on all VOD Platforms.

5/10 C


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