SXSW Review: Soft & Quiet (2022)

The thriller, which plays out in real time, follows a single afternoon in the life of an elementary school teacher as she organizes a mixer of like-minded women. When the group heads home, the teacher encounters a woman from her past, leading to a volatile chain of events.

Disturbing Films at film festivals isn’t as uncommon as some people would think it is some I’ve seen in the last few festivals I’ve been in include Pleasure (Sundance 2021), The Kids (Tribeca 2021), Resurrection, Palm Trees and Power Lines, Speak No Evil and Piggy (Sundance 2022). I saved Soft & Quiet to review last because not only is it my favorite of what I saw at SXSW 2022 but it’s definitely something that I thought about every since I saw it. This is the type of disturbing film from right at the beginning it’s filmed in this very realistic style, the first 15-20 minutes trick you into thinking you are going to watch something nowhere near as disturbing as the plot or people who have seen the film may suggest. However after that it kicks it up to eleven and you are faced with a female white supremacist group or “Women For Aryan Unity”spewing a lot of terrible things that I won’t repeat here for obvious reasons. But what your imagining is accurate, the film gets even more disturbing when the group comes across two Asian sisters at a convenience store, what follows is some very disturbing scenes which I won’t say much else. What truly makes this whole film disturbing is how raw it really is from the acting, writing, filming and so on, it completely takes this disturbing concept and truly turns into something all the more nightmarish. The sad reality about this movie is that this is very real, one of the characters in the group is a PTA mother someone that you wouldn’t expect to act like a monster, which is what the film is telling the audience. People think they know the characterization of a white supremacist or just a downright terrible person, however that could be anybody. Anyone is capable of being a horrible person, something that the film does well at is not to go over the top. As I said earlier the film is very raw so the characters don’t feel like cartoons, which makes it all the more terrifying. Soft & Quiet is a horror film not in the traditional way but the film is terrifying and is definitely real life horror on events that are sadly very real, it’s a film that will make you angry and disturbed. Soft & Quiet is something that is 100% not going to be for everyone, some people are going to think this shouldn’t had been made while others are going to think this is an important film and does a good job of showing the harsh reality of cases like this happening. This is definitely something I do recommend watching once it releases but know what you are getting into

Soft & Quiet currently has no release date.

10/10 A+


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