SXSW Review: Sissy (2022)

Teen best friends Cecilia and Emma, after a decade run into each other. Cecilia is invited on Emma’s bachelorette weekend where she gets stuck in a remote cabin with her high school bully….and a taste for revenge.

Sissy was hands one of the best films I saw at SXSW 2022, it’s yet another slasher film that is quite fantastic. Not only does it have very brutal kills that actually surprised me quite a lot, but the acting is actually very solid here particularly Aisha Doe who I definitely think is a future star. The writing is really strong especially when it comes to suspense and building certain characters, the movie takes it’s time getting to the kills by introducing the characters and establishing an atmosphere before the film lets all hell break loose. Speaking of which the atmosphere is thrilling and gets you on the edge of your seat especially when you combine the dialogue that is surprisingly raw at times, lastly there’s the direction from Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes that really make the film standout. Where as some slasher films forget about having thrilling atmosphere, decent characters and so on, Sissy brings that to the table which is very refreshing to see. Sure it might not break new ground but everything combined truly makes this film work.

Sissy currently has no release date but will be released by Shudder later this year.

9/10 A

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