SXSW Review: Shadow (2022)

From an automatic spellcheck, to omnipresent domotica: what is looming for us when computers are no longer merely complementing our actions, but taking over the steering wheel? Will the machines treat us as stupid and inferior, the way we have treated people with an intellectual disability for millennia? Simon, Scott and Sarah, a trio of neurodiverse activists, trigger the debate in the presence of a group of peers. They all attempt to take the lead in the discussion.

Shadow is another one I won’t spend too much time on as it is only 56 minutes long, but it’s a film that has a cast comprised almost entirely of neurodivergent and disabled actors. It’s a very powerful piece where they get these groups together to talk about the future of human rights, the performances are extremely raw and really paint the picture of how much this discussion means to everyone involved. The film gives a voice to communities who are often ignored, just sitting there and listening to each person’s thoughts is very captivating. Although I do wish some topics were expanded upon that still does not take away from how powerful the movie really is, there’s some genuinely humorous bits combined with a few debates that are very thought provoking. Shadow is a wonderfully done 56 minute movie that really gets you invested!

Shadow currently has no release date.

7/10 B

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