SXSW Review: Women Do Cry (2022)

A promising musician named Sonja learns that she’s contracted HIV. After she drops out of the music conservatory, Sonja is helped out by her practical sister Lora, who supports the family by working as a crane operator, and their hapless mom Ana.

Women Do Cry is a tough one, on one hand it does a decent job of presenting some very heavy subjects and has a fantastic performance from Maria Bakalova, there’s some really touching and powerful moments about gender as well. The problems come in with execution, as I said earlier the movie does a decent job of presenting the heavy subjects to the audience but the execution is very debatable. Plus when you put in so many subplots that have no reason to be there, it gets in the way of the story being told. Which is a huge shame because if you took away the several subplots and fixed up the execution I definitely think this would be a pretty strong movie. Not much else to say here, it’s decent enough but not something to ever look back to.

Women Do Cry currently has no release date.

6/10 C+

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