SXSW Review: The Cellar (2022)

A woman must confront an ancient and powerful entity after her daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar of their new home.

The Cellar was definitely one of my most anticipated films for SXSW and this was very disappointing, the third act is by far the best part about this film since it lets all hell break loose and goes completely bonkers. What kills this movie is everything else before that, The Cellar takes way too long to get it’s ideas fully realized, there’s a lot of cliche haunted house parts in the movie that do a very sloppy job when it comes to build up. However the movie slowly becomes something far different from when it started which leads to the final act, but by this point it’s too little too late and the movie is almost over, sure it results in some very fun scenes that are a complete blast. However it makes you wish that the rest of the movie was like that, had they introduce these ideas in the second act I definitely think this would have been a very creepy movie that would go on to be sort of a hidden gem. Overall The Cellar is a huge missed opportunity that could have been something truly special had the writing improved.

The Cellar releases on Shudder April 15th

3/10 D-

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