SXSW Review: Spin Me Round (2022)

A woman wins an all-expenses trip to a company’s gorgeous “institute” outside of Florence and also the chance to meet the restaurant chain’s wealthy and charismatic owner. She finds a different adventure than the one she imagined.

Spin Me Round was one of my most anticipated of the festival and sadly it’s one of the weakest I watched, Jeff Baena is a director who’s films have always been a mixed bag for me Life After Beth, Horse Girl both had great concepts but needed far stronger writing while Little Hours was actually pretty decent but not a movie I look back at often. Spin Me Round has great performances from Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza who both easily steal the show in this huge mess, the comedic moments with the two of them are pretty decent. There’s some jokes that did get a few laughs out of me, the main issues come in when you look at everything else. The rest of the cast is really nothing special at all, the writing is very tonally confused it truest to be a comedy then a drama and then a thriller. Which is the straw that breaks this movie the last 20 minutes try to go for something completely bonkers, which I’m all for filmmakers to go wild and make their films as unhinged as possible but there has to be some sort of build up. Which unfortunately there wasn’t any in this case, plus it just didn’t fit the movie at all, had the movie focused on build up rather than just throwing it in for the sake of wanting to be bonkers it might have worked. Overall Spin Me Round is terrible and a huge waste of potential that had all the right Ingredients the chef just wasn’t in the kitchen for this one.

Spin Me Round currently has no release date!

3/10 D-

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