Blacklight is a lazy Liam Neeson action thriller that doesn’t do anything new.

Travis Block, a shadowy government agent who specializes in removing operatives whose covers have been exposed, uncovers a deadly conspiracy within his own ranks that reaches the highest echelons of power.

It’s baffling to me how each and every year these Liam Neeson action/thriller movies range in quality, it’s like flipping a coin sometimes you will get a movie that’s pretty fun (The Commuter, Non-Stop) and then other times you will get movies that are complete garbage (Taken 3 and The Ice Road). Blacklight falls down the terrible movie route for multiple reasons, as usual Liam Neeson is at least decent but he’s been doing these types of roles for years so it’s really not a surprise. The rest of the movie however? It’s a combination of the exact same plots we have seen in the other movies, what’s even more embarrassing is this feels more in line like one of those Bruce Willis VOD movies. The rest of the performances are terrible, the action scenes are horribly done, especially when combined with the lighting and the editing which turns it into a complete and total mess. It’s amazing that in the year 2022 we are still getting action films that release in theaters with piss poor action scenes that you can hardly see. Blacklight really feels like something that should have been a straight to DVD release but instead decided to go in theaters instead. I’m not exactly sure what else I’m supposed to say here, Blacklight is the exact same thing as Neeson’s 20 other last movies but far far worse.

Blacklight is available on all VOD Platforms.

1/10 F

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