Heckle leaves you with no laughs.

A stand up comedian encounters a seemingly insane heckler, who becomes his stalker. This is a heckle on a whole new level…

Heckle is a complete and total mess that despite having a budget of $750,000 feels even cheaper. I have been trying not to be so harsh with films that are obviously meant to go straight to DVD recently, but there comes a point where something this bad can’t be ignored. Everything from the acting, writing and directing is painful and very very hard to get through. The movie is very unappealing to look at and for a movie that’s centered around stand-up comedy it doesn’t have any idea what makes a good routine, this is the type of slasher film that does absolutely nothing for the genre. There’s a great idea in here it’s just surrounded by a terrible movie.

Heckle will be released March 8th on all VOD

Disgrace To Cinema F


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