Sundance Review: The Worst Person In The World is a powerful story about several choices.

A young woman battles indecisiveness as she traverses the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path.

I’ve been wanting to see The Worst Person In The World for the longest time, last year I didn’t get a chance to see it due to either having a lot going on at festivals it was shown and the film not releasing in America. Luckily Sundance 2022 showed the film and all of that wait was well worth it. This film is a huge gut punch in every single way possible, it tackles a lot of subjects and really gives this theme of what happens in life and sometimes you have to move on. Renate Reinsve’s performance is absolutely incredible, she delivers one of my absolute favorite performances so far this year. The amount of emotion, depth, energy and power that’s put into her role is truly mesmerizing, the cinematography combined with the music really gives this film it’s own identity as well. There’s a lot of focused shots that really make each scene it’s own, splitting the film up into chapters I think was such a brilliant move, it gives each chapter it’s own story to tell as well as it’s own identity. Even with the shorter chapters they add so much to the film and really tell you a whole information in a short amount of time. The writing keeps things very realistic, which makes a lot of moments all the more powerful, it’s a huge deep dive into Julie’s (Renate Reinsve’s character) thoughts, emotions, what she’s going through, her life and so much more. The film also does a fantastic job of focusing on the people around her as well, it explores each of the characters really well and truly delivers. The Worst Person In The World is a film I can’t recommend enough!!

The Worst Person In The World is now in theaters!

10/10 A+

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