Sundance Review: 892 is an emotional and thrilling experience.

A Marine war veteran faces mental and emotional challenges when he tries to reintegrate back into civilian life.

892 was actually a film I wasn’t originally going to check out at Sundance, however word of mouth got me super interested in this one! 892 is based on a tragic true story that is a quite fascinating read. The film itself is very thrilling, it has a very suspenseful atmosphere that truly gets you on the edge of your seat, John Boyega gives such an incredible performance. He captures several emotions, you can see the anger, sadness and so on in his performance. It truly is something quite special, everyone else also gives wonderful performances that mix very well with the writing, rawness is the key factor here. Which is what separates this film from a lot of other films like it, the film explores backstories, the people involved, why this situation happened and at times how it could have been prevented. The final act of the film truly hits it out of the park, with tons of suspense and emotion it truly gives some very shattering moments.

892 currently has no release date but will release this summer.

9/10 A

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