Shaun The Sleep: The Flight Before Christmas is a short and sweet Christmas special! Diary Of A Wimpy Kid animated is forgettable.

Shaun’s seasonal excitement turns to dismay when a farmhouse raid to get bigger stockings for the Flock inadvertently leads to Timmy going missing.

Just a few short thoughts mainly because it is essentially Shaun The Sheep but a Christmas special. Everything what makes Shaun The Sheep in general so great is here, the characters, the humor, the fast pacing and so on. It’s a 30 minute special that does a wonderful job of getting it’s message across in a very Shaun The Sheep type of way. I do feel the last 10 or so minutes are on the weaker side as it does fall in familiar territory. However that isn’t enough to stop this special from being incredibly solid and a very fun time! If you are a Shaun The Sheep fan you will definitely love this one!

Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas is available on Netflix!

8/10 B+

Greg Heffley dreams of becoming famous while surviving middle school with his best friend, Rowley.

I’m not going to pretend that Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is this legendary source material, but having that said for a movie that felt like it was trying to follow the book more closely it really doesn’t work nearly as well as the live action movie that came out in 2010. I thought the first three live action movies were overall really fun movies that know what they are trying to be and do that very well. We don’t ever discuss the Long Haul so let’s just move right along to this movie, I was under the impression that this animated movie was going to be longer than 58 minutes. So it really took me by surprise however that isn’t the major problem, the major problem is that it’s the exact same movie as the one in 2010 but animated and with different actors. While that isn’t a necessarily a bad thing because what else are you supposed to do? What hurts this new one is the lack of charm. The 2010 one had a lot of charm and was genuinely funny mostly due to how well the cast worked plus it’s very memorable. You just don’t get that here, sure the animation is nice at times and did a decent enough job with getting the main events from the book in. But none of it feels really charming or fun at all, it feels very manufactured and lifeless which completely goes against what the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books are about. Which is a shame because I do think an animated Diary Of A Wimpy Kid movie could have worked they just really did not try all that much with this movie. I hear they are coming out with a sequel (Rodrick Rules) so I do hope they learn their lesson and try to make it more charming and more memorable. Overall this version of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid really does not have much to it, you are better off watching the 2010 version. I’m sure kids will absolutely eat this movie up but for everyone else I don’t recommend.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is available on Disney+

3/10 D-


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