The Card Counter is a meditative and hypnotic beautiful film!

William Tell is a gambler and former serviceman who sets out to reform a young man seeking revenge on a mutual enemy from their past. Tell just wants to play cards. His spartan existence on the casino trail is shattered when he is approached by Cirk, a vulnerable and angry young man seeking help to execute his plan for revenge on a military colonel. Tell sees a chance at redemption through his relationship with Cirk.

The Card Counter is definitely one of the more underrated films of 2021, it’s a movie I rarely ever see get brought up outside of a few people. Which is a shame because it’s really quite great, for starters the film does a magnificent job of building it’s characters. The pacing compliments that really well to give the viewer some very grounded characters that pull you in, Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish in particular do a fantastic job. Both of which have really strong chemistry between one and another and absolutely steal the show when they are on screen together. The film is very meditative as well as being hypnotic which is to be expected from a film by Paul Schrader, The Card Counter is a dreamlike film that feels very real. From the actions of the characters to how they feel it’s a very nice combination of dreamlike and rawness, the writing is also incredibly strong with a handful of powerhouse moments to really set the tone for the rest of the film! Overall The Card Counter is a fantastic film that If you haven’t already definitely check this one out!

The Card Counter is available on all VOD Platforms!

8/10 B+

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