Tribeca Review: Dating and New York (2021)

After meeting on the dating app Meet Cute and having a one-night stand, two New York millennials draw up a “Best Friends With Benefits” contract to avoid the pitfalls of a relationship.

While Dating and New York does borrow elements from other films similar to it (When Harry Met Sally) the film still manages to be quite entertaining and at the same time interesting! It’s a millennial love story that’s very self aware which is what makes the film work mostly, the main strength of the movie is the cast Taylor Hill, Francesca Reale and Jaboukie Young-White are all fantastic in their roles each giving a raw performance that helps the movie feel more relatable! The film itself is beautifully shot taking advantage of New York and making it into something magical, speaking of which the film has a huge fairytale type atmosphere which the film does quite a good job with. Seeing a fairytale type movie take on modern romance (especially between millennials) is very interesting, it has a lot of beautiful moments that absolutely shine through! I highly recommend giving this one a look when it releases which I’m hoping is soon!!

8/10 B+

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