Tribeca Review: False Positive (2021)

As if getting pregnant weren’t complicated enough, Lucy sets out to uncover the unsettling truth about her fertility doctor.

False Positive was one of my most anticipated films from the Tribeca Film Festival, while it does succeed in some areas it’s incredibly lacking in others. IIan Glazer, Pierce Brosnan and Justin Theroux all give really strong performances combine that with some genuine creepy moments that are effective which leads to some pretty solid results. However the humor is a complete misfire I’m still not even 100% sure what they were attempting with the humor but whatever it was it didn’t work and completely takes you out of the movie. It doesn’t help that the movie feels like any other pregnancy horror movie, which while it does the pregnancy horror genre just fine it doesn’t do anything to standout. False Positive is not a bad movie it’s a ton of fun with a lot of great moments and as I said before the acting is really solid, it’s just incredibly lacking when it comes to being any different from similar movies.

False Positive releases June 25th on Hulu!

6/10 C+

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