Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry (2021) Movie Review!

An intimate look at the singer-songwriter’s journey, navigating life on the road, on stage, and at home, while creating her debut album.

Billie Eilish is currently one of the biggest stars, I’ve been a huge fan of her’s since she started. This documentary is unlike any documentary about a celebrity it’s a coming of age story from when Billie was at the age 16 (when R.J. Cutler started filming her before her success) to where she is now as one of the biggest stars in the world. I feel like what I have always liked about Billie Eilish is that she comes off as one of the most real celebrities, she genuinely cares for her fans and audience and when you actually sit down and listen to her speak it’s quite impressive. That documentary proves that point even more, it shows a very human side to Billie, as I said earlier it’s a coming of age story and a truly beautiful one as well. You learn almost everything about Billie to the point where it feels like you are having a conversation with someone you listening to her tell you about her life. Billie talks about her Tourette’s syndrome and how she has suicidal thoughts but she expresses that through words rather than actions. One of the strongest things aspects is Billie’s beautiful relationship with her family, each of her family members taught her something for instance her mom taught her about songwriting, her dad taught her how to play the ukulele and the piano finally her brother produced her and was her songwriting cohort. The interactions between her and her family is seriously some of the most beautiful interactions I’ve seen in a long time, they all are there for each other no matter what and it’s truly a beautiful thing. As the documentary goes on you learn more and more about Billie and how she got to where she is now and you as the viewer get completely invested into it. A lot of things a lot of documentaries about celebrities don’t really do at all is show a human side to the celebrity they are talking about, a lot of the time it feels like we don’t learn much about their personality or how they are as people. Sure we are given information and told they are “nice and incredible” but we never see that at all. With Billie Eilish The World’s A Little Blurry we get to see Billie’s actions, how Billie is as a person, how Billie reacts to certain situations and how she thinks and feels, it’s truly refreshing to actually see something completely different. And by the end of the film it feels like you know every single thing about Billie, her personality is truly beautiful, her determination is very inspiring, and her love for her fans and family is truly a beautiful thing. The documentary made me cry at least 3 different times it’s mostly due to Billie’s journey as an artist and just how beautifully made this documentary is, this is the type of filmmaking that really gets me the most. Seeing the life, or lives of a certain person or group of people is truly amazing and inspiring. You also start feeling like you can relate to Billie given how much information you are told, any documentary that can get you to feel relatable to a celebrity and to bring out a human side of them I feel is successful. Overall Billie Eilish The World’s A Little Blurry is masterful, I absolutely recommend you check this one out. It’s definitely one of the highlights so far this year!

10/10 A+

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