Sundance Review: Pleasure (2022).

19-year-old Linnéa leaves her small town life in Sweden for Los Angeles to become Jessica, the world’s next big porn star. But the road to her goal turns out to be bumpier than she imagined.

Pleasure is one of those movies I’ve been thinking about more and more since it’s premiere at Sundance and I love it even more. Pleasure takes a look at the porn industry and the unfortunate realities that do happen. Pleasure is incredibly realistic as well as being brutally honest, the acting from Sofia Kappel was quite great! She did a fantastic job and definitely is one of my favorite performances so far this year, Ninja Thyberg’s direction is also really strong as well. As I said in my reaction Pleasure feels quite relevant, it touches on toxic masculinity and rape culture as well. Ninja Thyberg masters every single scene, she really knows how to make a scene as real as possible. Pleasure is quite graphic and actually hard to watch at times because as I said before it is the harsh reality of what goes on in the porn industry it shows a lot of toxic behavior that goes on and bringing people to have to do anything to become somewhat noticeable. Pleasure is an incredible film that I highly recommend checking out!

Pleasure releases May 13th.

10/10 A+

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