Totally Under Control (2020)

An in-depth look at how the United States government handled the response to the COVID-19 outbreak during the early months of the pandemic.

Totally Under Control is a documentary that kind of just popped out of nowhere all of a sudden, which it’s understandable of why it did. Totally Under Control was a film made in secret over the last five months, it has tons of interviews with former CDC members and plus several people coming forward and telling their accounts. If you go into Totally Under Control expecting a new big story or a big bombshell you are going to be very disappointed, because a majority of the stuff told and shown in this documentary is either common knowledge or things that already have been reported on. What makes this movie interesting however is how all of this information is stitched together and it’s all presented right here. I also do want to say that there is a lot more information that this movie didn’t cover out there about COVID-19 and how piss poorly politicians handled it, but I definitely understand why not everything was included. If anything it’s nice the movie is there so people who want to do research have a nice documentary that tells a good chunk of information. As far as filmmaking goes it’s pretty solid, the editing is very clean, the film definitely will make you angry and want to throw something across the room. Overall a pretty important documentary that really shows how certain politicians messed up. I just do wish the trailer this documentary didn’t sell it as a “this never before talked about events that this movie is going to expose.”

8/10 B+

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