David Byrne’s American Utopia (2020)

Singer David Byrne and a group of international musicians perform songs from the hit Broadway musical “American Utopia.”

I’m going to keep this brief as David Byrne’s American Utopia really speaks for itself. Earlier this year we had a recording of Hamilton and now we have one of American Utopia! I really want to point out that it was a very clever idea that combine both Spike Lee with his direction and mix with it David Byrne, the end result is quite beautiful. Spike Lee makes sure to capture everything and when I mean everything I mean everything, from the movement of the performers, to the beautiful and powerful music it’s truly an amazing performance. The “say his or her’s name” segment is my absolute favorite it’s a huge reflection on current events and really makes sure to tell the viewer on why it’s important. What I absolutely love about this is that it delivers powerful messages through the music, it doesn’t need a lot of dialogue it shows and tells and that is a truly fantastic way of showing your message. I said in my Hamilton review that the running time went by extremely quick and didn’t feel like a very long movie, well this is the exact same case here with American Utopia. Even though it has a running time of 2 hours and 15th minutes it goes by quickly, it’s mostly due to the performance pulling the viewer into it, you feel like your sitting there watching it in person having a blast. Speaking of having a blast this performance is a blast, another thing I absolutely love is how American Utopia combines both fun and meaningful moments, neither of them out balances the other it truly is mesmerizing! Overall American Utopia is fantastic truly one of the highlights of the year that I recommend!!

10/10 A+

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