An American Pickle (2020)

An immigrant worker at a pickle factory is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern day Brooklyn.

An American Pickle takes an outrageous concept and manages to turn into a smart little movie, Seth Rogan plays two different characters in the film one being Hershel a Jewish immigrant who ends up being brined in a jar of pickles for 100 years and the other being Ben the common person in 2020 or what’s supposed to represent someone from 2020. The accent for Hershel is really impressive and is very believable, the humor in the film is quite great it has a ton of moments that are genuinely funny. The writing is actually quite clever there is some satirical elements such as pointing out how the media will be on your side one moment but then turn on you, the direction from Brandon Trost is quite great, he really makes this whole outrageous story seem believable. In fact that’s what I feel makes this movie standout from a lot of other movies so far this year, how the story itself is outrageous but has this believable atmosphere to it, the mix of the feel of the movie and the characters mentioning 2020 issues really blends together very well. This was definitely a different type of Seth Rogan movie that could have easily went wrong but that’s not the case here! Check this one out!!

8/10 B+


3 thoughts on “An American Pickle (2020)

  1. Thanks for this. Two insights. The other review I just read was over on the Assholes Watching Movies site. Definitely a “Rogan” film. And that’s a good thing.

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