Ghosts Of War and Fatal Affair (2020)

Five American soldiers assigned to hold a French Chateau near the end of World War II. This unexpected respite quickly descends into madness when they encounter a supernatural enemy more terrifying than anything seen on the battlefield.

I like the concept of World War II or World War I horror movies like Overlord, but where as Overlord used a lot of great ideas and was you know actually pretty good…this movie was not. The horror elements just didn’t work at all here, a lot of it was either predictable jumpscares or the atmosphere was lacking. I feel like this was originally suppose to be some war movie and then one of the writers was like “hey how about we turn this into a horror movie?” The acting and writing are terrible and really don’t do add much at all, the direction is very very uninspired. I feel like this could have been good if better ideas were placed into it because it’s very obvious nobody working on this movie had any idea what they were doing. The only thing I can say I at least thought was okay was the filming, but even then it’s not that great.

2/10 F

Ellie tries to mend her marriage with her husband Marcus after a brief encounter with an old friend, David, only to find that David is more dangerous and unstable than she’d realized.

I could just say “the rating is disgrace to cinema that’s the review” but I won’t, anyway this is by Peter Sullivan the same director who did Secret Obsession (2019) and like that movie this movie is just as bad if not worse. So first off this is yet ANOTHER Fatal Attraction clone you know like No Good Deed, The Perfect Guy, The Boy Next Door, When The Bough Breaks and so on. My god is this one of the worst ones, at least with some of the others they can be so bad that there are some funny moments in them. With this movie you don’t get that at all it’s mostly piss poor acting, writing, directing and it feels like this movie should have been on the LifeTime not Netflix. I know I keep saying the same thing whenever I review these types of movies but can you blame me? They are all the exact same thing but the plot is tweaked a tiny bit and sometimes the movie itself is slightly better or worse then others. It’s one of the laziest concepts and overused I’ve seen in a movie and it really needs to stop, the movie itself goes the way you think it does. Which brings up another point….it’s predictable as hell all you need to do is watch at least one of these movies or if it’s your first time watching one of these movies the first 5 minutes of this movie, and you will know what’s going to happen. Fatal Affair is a huge waste of time, give this one a skip you will thank me later.

Disgrace To Cinema F

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