Top 60 Worst Movies Of 2019 (10-1)

So here we are at the final 10, the absolute worst of the worst. It took me a few days to finalize the list because I want to make this as good as I can, so with that said let’s get into it.


I felt so bad placing this movie on the list let alone the in the final 10, but it’s just honestly horrendous. I know the movie has its fans out there which is perfectly fine, but ugh first off the editing is horrible it really feels like the movie was not complete and just left there. Sarah Paulson feels way too cartoony, the pacing is DREADFUL with a run time that this movie has no business of having. My biggest problem with this movie is you feel every single painful minute of this movie it’s hard to sit through because of just how bad it really is, keep in mind this is by the same director who did Brooklyn. I put this at number 10 because at least this movie can be somewhat likable to some the same can’t be said for the rest.


This might be a surprise to some of why Unplanned is not higher on the list, well at one point during the year it was the worst movie of 2019 but there are worse. Anyway the movie itself is by the same studio who made Gods Not Dead and such which that in itself should say why it’s on this list. The movie is horribly acted, written, directed and is a prime example of a movie that should have never gotten a theater release. The movie was one of the worst experiences of a movie that I saw in 2019 and I really hope nobody else has to suffer through this.


Without comparing and contrasting Del Toro’s Hellboy movies and this pile of garbage let me simplify this. The movie is a prime example of trying to be edgy and completely failing at it in every category, this is also one of those movies that seem to think gore makes a movie. It also tries desperately to be like Deadpool but completely fails, it’s nowhere near as funny, charming or interesting as Deadpool was. The writing feels like it was written by some edgy teenager who was bored in class, it’s just so lazy, uninspired and downright painful. Even if the Ron Perlman movies didn’t exist this would still fall flat. It’s horribly put together mess that I can honestly say is one of the worst action movies of the 2010s.


Yes this actually happened, somebody thought remaking Jacob’s Ladder was a great idea, it was directed by the guy who did “How It Ends” and “The Perfect Guy” so this movie was doomed from the start, this is a prime example of the people who worked on this movie not knowing anything about the original. It completely misses the point on what made the original so great, the acting is horrendous and gives some of the worst performances of 2019. What kills this movie is how the horror aspect is gone, the movie pretty much relied on jumpscares and it’s nowhere near as thrilling. It truly feels like the people who worked on this movie did a quick google search on Jacob’s Ladder and that was the end of it.


Just reading the plot alone pretty much sums up why this movie is on the list, the movie is offensive, has no idea what it’s talking about like at all. The writing is basically what some adults think teens and 20 something year olds talk like, the movie has so many stereotypes and is inaccurate all the way. The acting is piss poor, the filming is uninspired and it’s just baffling that this was shown at Sundance.


I’m going to skim through this one mostly because it’s widely known it’s terrible at this point and I’ve done a recent review on it, anyway the movie is downright terrible there’s no way around it. The CGI is some of the most ugly looking I’ve seen in a long time, the movie is nightmare fuel and not in a good way. The jokes completely miss and are just not funny at all, the rest of the writing feels like it was done in less then 5 seconds. I really don’t know what else to say I think the memes really sum up this movie the best.


Haunting Of Sharon Tate is one of the main reasons why it took me a bit to wrap up the top 10 between this and the remaining 3 entries on the list it was hard to decide.

Anyway this movie is offensive it attempts to try the “changing history” narrative in this case what if Sharon Tate didn’t die. Which is already offensive enough but this movie goes as far as to take this tragic event and turn it into a horrendous and tasteless slasher movie. This movie is so offensively bad it’s just mind blowing how anyone thought this was a good idea, as for the acting, writing and directing? They are all complete garbage, Hillary Duff is a complete miscast and it feels so cheaply made and no amount of effort was put into this filth.


Captive State could have been actually very interesting….but that was not the case…oh boy that wasn’t the case at all. The movie has some of the worst development in every single factor I’ve seen in the 2010s, the character development is non existent, there’s no motivations, no distinct personalities and no background information. Yet the movie desperately tries to get you to feel for them, the political bull crap it tries to shove in at the last minute completely fails, let me make this clear as day that I’m perfectly fine with a movie having politics in it. However you have to do it right or else you come off as that person who rants about politics but has no idea what you are talking about. Which this movie most certainly did NOT do a good job at it, the editing is choppy and feels incomplete. It’s a complete unorganized mess which makes this movie a painful experience that you wouldn’t wish for your greatest enemy to go through.


Wounds is another movie that had loads of potential for starters it had a decent director Babak Anvari who directed “Under The Shadow) which was a fantastic film. But oh god this went horribly wrong, Armie Hammer is unbelievably bad in this movie, it’s like he woke up one day and forgot how to act it’s a complete embarrassment. The movie also has the guts to throw in Zazie Beetz and Dakota Johnson in the movie but they are barely in the movie but at least that saves them the embarrassment from this garbage. The writing is horrendous while I was watching this movie I had to keep in mind that this was intended to be taken seriously. What’s even worse is the movie tries at the last second to throw in a metaphor or symbolism, having your movie be a complete piece of crap and then throwing some bullcrap symbolism at the end does not justify how insultingly bad this is. This is a complete embarrassment to the Horror genre, this will for sure find it’s place on the top 250 worst movies of the 2010s list.

And finally number 1….


This movie has been my worst movie of 2019 ever since it was released in April 2019, there were times where I was debating on pushing it and maybe putting Wounds. Captive State or Haunting Of Sharon Tate at number 1. But this movie is just unspeakably bad, first off where this movie came from is bottom of the barrel tier. This was originally a Harry Styles fanfiction….on WATTPAD! Yes that’s right Wattpad….this is what I meant when I said in my Slenderman review that Creepypastas or most internet fanfictions should not be turned into movies. The acting is HORRENDOUS, I can’t think of single time there was an emotion other than a blank face or crying. The writing is horrendous seeing how this was originally a Wattpad fanfiction it should be no surprise, it’s filled with a lot of crap that no actual person has actually said to another human. The plot is nonexistent in some cases some movies can get away with not having a plot but this is NOT one of those cases. It throws that right out the window and makes stuff up as it goes on, oh yeah and then the movie tries to get you to feel sorry for the main character who is a cheater….I could go on much longer but at the end of the day it’s just not worth it. This movie really shows how low some directors out there can go, it’s an complete embarrassment, one of the worst movies of the 2010s and the worst movie of 2019!

Hop you enjoyed my list! The next list will my Top 60 Best Movies Of 2019!!

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