Zac Efron is incredibly convincing as Ted Bundy..

A courtroom frenzy ensues and sweeps 1970s America when a young single mother reluctantly tips the attention of a widespread manhunt toward her longtime boyfriend, Ted Bundy. I’m actually quite surprised of how much I liked this considering this is from the guy who did Book Of shadows Blair Witch 2, so the movie is about Ted Bundy it doesn’t necessarily focus on the crimes he committed outside of a few moments but it focuses on the relationships he had and his trial. First off Zac Efron does a fantastic job portraying Ted Bundy, from the way that he has a scary resemblance, to how he acted in the film it’s really all there he definitely gives one of the best performances so far this year. Lily Collins also does a pretty good job, this is definitely one of her best roles in quite awhile! Finally Jim Parsons and John Malkovich were both a delight to have in the film. The writing was strong for the most part but at times I couldn’t help but feel that it could have been a lot better, some of the humor really didn’t make any sense of being there and at times the humor just felt oddly placed. I do wish the film went into a little more about the actual murders Ted Bundy committed, having that said the movie is still interesting enough to keep your attention. What does hold this movie back however is that parts of the film don’t really feel well made, the final act really struggled but still did have some redeeming qualities to it. Overall I really wish this movie could have been a lot better, but the film is nowhere near terrible. It’s a very solid movie that I’m overall pretty satisfied with there’s just somethings that could have been a lot better.
7/10 B

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